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Pythonschoonmaak Service

Time is a luxury that anyone would want to buy. We need to have time for work, for the kids, for the spouse, and for yourself. And add other tasks and jobs that you need to do to improve your status, your skills, or your overall being.

Cleaning your home takes a lot of time. It may take an hour, a day, or even a week to do one room. And you want to clean the whole house! Think of the time that you will lose when you clean your home instead of spending it having fun with your family, reaching milestones at work, or pursuing your passion for the arts.

Good thing for you, we are the solution to your problems. We are the key to your time restriction concerns. Focus your attention on the things that matter. Do not spend endless hours removing that grime on the bathroom floor or the rust on the garage door. Let us worry about your troubles at home. We will do the cleaning for you.

Cleaning business

Cleaning business

Our company has been in the business of cleaning homes for the past five years. This business is family-owned. It is managed, taken care of, and fully monitored by its members. Now, as the business is expanding, the family is also growing. You can expect this company to continue to be bigger in the years to come.

Residential cleaning

Our main core business lies upon residential cleaning. We have thousands of clients in the Amsterdam area alone. Our clients go on Amsterdam city tour package trips while we clean their houses. We want the best for our customers. This means letting them enjoy their time while we also focus on what we do best- cleaning houses.

We are always on top of everything with regard to cleaning parts of your homes. We do an initial assessment of your home, list down the tasks to be done, make recommendations on what we can do to maximize our time inside your house, and schedule the best time to start cleaning.

Before we go to your home, we make sure that all the materials, the chemicals, the equipment, and the tools that we will use are well-accounted for. We inform our clients of the processes and the items that will be utilized throughout the whole cleaning process.

Types of cleaning

We do two types of cleaning- the whole house cleaning and the specialized cleaning. For the whole house cleaning, we will do a top-to-bottom wash up. We will suggest the methods of cleaning that we can use for your home. This type may last weeks or months depending on the size of the area of your house.

Specialized cleaning is a target-specific home cleaning. It may be room-specific or item-specific. You can request for us to clean portions of your homes or appliances that you use in your house. Garages, attics, basements, bedrooms, living rooms- we can all clean them up for you. As for the appliances and furniture, we use specific processes to clean them. Your refrigerator, air conditioning units, roofs, windows, and walls will be ready to use after we apply our effective methods on each of these items.

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